Mount Saint Mary College is an institution of higher education guided by the Catholic and Dominican traditions of academic rigor, pursuit of truth, social justice, leadership and service. The College Bylaws indicate that Mount Saint Mary College “aims to give its students a Catholic cultural-professional education in the liberal arts tradition.”

This distinctive approach provides the philosophy for our commitment to educating the whole person and to cultivating intellectual achievement, religious and spiritual growth, and the development of moral character.

Consistent with these principles, Mount Saint Mary College endeavors to graduate students who

  • are inquisitive and value the free exchange of ideas in pursuit of truth
  • are analytical in their approach to problem solving
  • are motivated toward self-improvement
  • have developed an aesthetic sense
  • possess effective leadership and communication skills
  • respect the value and ethics of the Catholic and Dominican traditions
  • embrace civic responsibility and community service

The deepening of Mount Saint Mary College's commitment to these principles will involve the leadership efforts of the entire college community, within a culture of academic excellence.


As reflected in its motto “Doce Me Veritatem” (Teach Me the Truth) Mount Saint Mary College, founded by the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh, is an independent, coeducational institution committed to providing students with a liberal arts education to prepare them for lives of leadership and service. Through a variety of majors and professional programs, students are also prepared for career entry or graduate and professional studies.

Consistent with Judeo-Christian values and the Dominican tradition of education that values the inherent worth of the individual, the mission of Mount Saint Mary College is to create an environment which fosters close student-faculty interaction that enables students to reach their full potential as lifelong learners. Mount Saint Mary College strives to provide a stimulating environment that promotes the intellectual and personal growth of undergraduate and graduate students.


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