Be the Spark, Be a Knight

We build on our knowledge.

We become leaders.
We make a difference.
At the Mount, we are family.
We work together and help each other succeed.
Be the Spark. Be a Knight!

Mount Saint Mary College was founded by the Sisters of Saint Dominic in 1959, but has been an academic presence here in Newburgh since 1883. The college's roots in education, and in the training of educators, go even further back to the 13th century and Saint Dominic. 

Building on the sisters' leadership, the college's vision for the future is centered on community service and engagement, striving to become the most community-oriented college in the nation and preparing students to lead post-graduation. The motto "Be the Spark" illuminates this call, derived from Dominican saint Catherine of Siena's "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." It is our hope that a Mount education prepares our students to do just that: spark change in their communities and make a difference in the world.

With 59 academic programs in undergraduate and graduate studies, we prepare our students to set the world on fire across all disciplines. Supported by numerous student success programs, opportunities for activities and leadership across campus, and outstanding career development and internships, the close relationships students develop with faculty and staff allow them to shine here on campus and in the community. Their success shows: 96% of the Class of 2022 were employed or in grad school within six months of graduation, with recent graduates earning an average salary of $66,000. Even more importantly, they were already impacting their workplaces and communities with the service skills they perfected at the Mount.

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Mount Saint Mary College among the best Regional Universities in the North.


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