While the amount you’ll pay for your education will vary on a year-to-year basis due to factors like official tuition and fees, you can get a sense of what to expect with our cost of attendance estimates.

These figures are for undergraduate students attending full time over one academic year (fall semester and spring semester). Use them to help plan and understand the financial commitment that comes with being a student. 

A note about direct and indirect expenses:

  • Direct expenses are institutional charges billed to you by Mount Saint Mary College and will appear on your student bill.  For example, tuition and, if residing on campus, room and meals.
  • Indirect expenses are estimates of costs that may be associated with your attendance, but are not billed to you by Mount Saint Mary College. Examples include books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

Explanation of Costs

Find out more about how we’ve put together our estimated costs for this academic year and important information about borrowing and loans:

  • Room and meals
  • Books and supplies
  • Transportation and other costs
  • About Borrowing and loans

General Cost of Attendance 2023-2024

Undergraduate Students (two semesters, full-time)

  On Campus Student Commuter Student
DIRECT COSTS (Billed)    
Tuition and General Fee* $41,370 $41,370
Room and Meals $20,120 N/A
Total Direct Costs $61,490 $41,370
INDIRECT COSTS (Not Billed)    
Room and Meals N/A $1,848
Books and Supplies $1,522 $1,522
Transportation $598 $1,196
Personal Expenses $1,086 $1,086
Total Indirect Costs $3,206 $5,652
Total $64,696 $47,022

*The General Fee charged to each student furnishes resources to fund a portion of the budgets for a variety of services, operations, and activities that serve students and enhance college life in support of our academic program. These services may include, but are not limited to, the Registrar, Student Health Services, Counseling Services, Academic Success services, Information Technology, and Student Activities. 

Explanation of Costs

Room and Meals

The actual cost of your room and meals depends on several factors, including whether you live on or off campus.

Some important things to keep in mind as you budget for room and meals:

  • Mount Saint Mary College offers a range of housing and meal plans. The figures above represent the most expensive options of a student living in a single-occupancy room and selecting the Ultimate Access 150 Plan.  Your selection of room and meal plan may cost less.  Information about meal plan options may be found here.
  • On-campus housing includes local wi-fi access in your dorm room, and laundry facilities in your residence hall.  A laundry fee of $45 per semester is billed to resident students for unlimited use of laundry machines in residence halls.  This fee is included in the on-campus room and meals estimate above.
  • Off-campus housing in the Newburgh area varies depending on housing options, location, number of roommates, amenities, and more.
  • Students who live off-campus can still purchase meal plans.  Information about commuter meal plan options may be found here.

Books and Supplies

The amount listed for books and supplies is an estimate based on an average of current expenses for full-time students.  Your actual books and supplies may vary significantly from this estimate depending on the books and supplies required for your course of study.

Transportation and Personal Costs

The amounts listed for transportation and personal costs will vary by student.  We estimated the cost of transportation equaling one round-trip travel home during the academic year. 

Personal costs include miscellaneous expenses like local transportation within the Newburgh area.

About Borrowing and Loans

Knowing how much it will cost to attend Mount Saint Mary College is important, but so is borrowing only as much as you absolutely need.

 The costs listed above are suggestions based on our estimate of what it costs to attend Mount Saint Mary College. We encourage you to examine your specific expenses and resources to decide how much to borrow or finance.

If you take out a federal loan, a mandatory federal loan fee should be included in your cost of attendance budget.  Information about federal loan interest rates and fees can be found at https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/types/loans/interest-rates.  Private student loans (also called third-party loans) are also available from banks and other loan servicers.  You can use the loan comparison tool at https://www.elmselect.com/ to research private loan options that may be available to you, or check with your bank or credit union.

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