The #1 thing we’ve heard from students is the desire for flexibility in their meal plans. Maybe you find yourself more often on the north end of campus than in Aquinas Hall. Or perhaps you like the convenience of knowing you can walk into the dining hall multiple times a day. Plus, students, with the exception of Freshmen, will have the ability to change their meal plan within the first two weeks of each semester. Whatever your style, there’s a meal plan for you. 

Meal Plans for 2021-2022

Key terms:

  • Meal Exchange - Ability to trade a meal in The View for a meal at Henry's.
  • Points - Monies bundled with select meal plans that can be spent at any of our on-campus eateries, valid for the entire academic year and expire after the spring semester.
  • Mount Money - Money that can be spent at any of our on-campus eateries, in the Campus Store, or select local retailers and eateries (find the list of Mount Money vendors here), valid until graduation

Ultimate Access 150 plan

Ultimate Unlimited + 150 Points + 8 Guest Passes + 1 Meal Exchange/Day
Cost: $3,465 per semester
Required for all freshmen, available to all students

205 Block plus 200

205 Meals + 200 Points + 1 Meal Exchange/Day
Cost: $3,150 per semester
Available to all students except freshmen

Base Plan

15 meals per week (The View Only - No Meal Exchanges)
Cost: $2,940 per semester
Available to all students except freshmen

Senior Plan

Senior Unlimited + 100 Points + 200 Mount Money + 3 guests + 2 Meal Exchanges/Day
Cost: $3,465 per semester
Available to seniors only

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter block meal plans allow for a limited number of swipes into the View (90, 45 or 20) if you want to dine on campus but don’t need the convenience of unlimited access. However, if you would like unlimited access, please see the above meal plans, which are also available to commuter students.

Cost: 20 meals - $212 | 45 meals - $452 | 90 meals - $851

Advantage Dollars

Advantage Dollars are purchased separately from meal plans/blocks, and can be used at on-campus dining locations (The View, Henry’s, The Aquinas Café, and the Dominican Center Café). Advantage Dollars expire at the end of the spring semester but roll over from fall to spring. Advantage Dollars are tax-free and may be purchased online.

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