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Christina Alvey joined the Division of Mathematics and Information Technology at Mount Saint Mary College in 2015. She earned a BS in Mathematics and Actuarial Science from North Central College, and a PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University. Her current research investigates mathematical models in biology and epidemiology, as well as current trends and developments in the field of mathematics education.

PhD in Mathematics, Purdue University
Bachelor of Science, North Central College

MTH 1015 Investigating Contemporary Issues Using Math and TechnologyCIT 1052 Computer LiteracyMTH 1200 Excursions in Math IMTH 1400 Elementary FunctionsMTH 1500 PrecalculusMTH 2450 Topics in Computer MathMTH 2510 Calculus IMTH 2520 Calculus IIMTH 3041 Differential EquationsMTH 3175 Mathematical BiologyMTH/CYB 3620 Cryptography

Specialization/Area of Research Interest
Mathematical Biology
Differential Equations
Mathematics Education

Memberships and Professional Associations
MAA - Mathematical Association of America
SMB - Society for Mathematical Biology
SIAM - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
AWM - Association for Women in Mathematics


  • Newton, J., Alvey, C., & Hudson, R.A. (2022). Investigating Mathematics Pre-service Teachers' Knowledge for Teaching: Focus on Quadratic Equations. Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, Vol. 24.2, 86-110.
  • Alvey, C., Newton, J., Hudson, R.A., & Males, L.M. (2016). Secondary Pre-Service Teachers' Algebraic Reasoning About Linear Equation Solving. IUMPST: The Journal, Vol. 1 (Content Knowledge), 1-16.
  • Alvey, C., Feng, Z., & Glasser, J. (2015). A model for the coupled disease dynamics of HIV and HSV-2 with mixing among and between genders. Mathematical Biosciences, 265, 82-100.
  • Kapitanov, G., Alvey, C., Vogt-Geisse, K., & Feng, Z. (2015). An Age-Structured Model For the Coupled Dynamics of HIV and HSV-2. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering: MBE, 12(4), 803-840.
  • Vogt-Geisse, K., Lorenzo (Alvey), C., & Feng, Z. (2013). Impact of age-dependent relapse and immunity on malaria dynamics. Journal of Biological Systems, 21(04).
  • Feng, Z., Qiu, Z., Sang, Z., Lorenzo (Alvey), C., & Glasser, J. (2013). Modeling the synergy between HSV-2 and HIV and potential impact of HSV-2 therapy. Mathematical Biosciences, 245(2), 171-187.

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