Time: Dec 9 9:00 AM
Location: Hudson Hall

Poster for the 1st Annual Discovery of Recovery Symposium. Friday, December 9, from 9 am - 5 pm at Mount Saint Mary College.

Over 12% of the American population is afflicted with a Substance Use Disorder - that's more than 41 MILLION people - and the number keeps going higher and higher...

We invite you to enjoy a day at the beautiful Mount Saint Mary College Campus and discover what you need to know about Substance Use Disorders and the Organizations in the Hudson Valley working to break and stigmas and change the paradigms regarding these issues.

Multiple experts in the field and a variety of organizations will be available to help answer your questions about Substance Use Disorders and how we can "turn-back" the tide of the addiction epidemic.

It is only through educating ourselves about these issues that we can succeed in changing the lives of our loved ones and the community around us.