How can I update my contact information so I receive updates from the college?

To update your contact information, click here.

Your student can also elect to sign you up for MSMC Alerts, which notify our community of emergencies and weather closings. Under FERPA guidelines, you cannot sign yourself up for this, but your student can do so by going to MSMC Alert and adding your contact information as a secondary contact.

Why can’t you tell me my student’s grades/financial status/medical status, etc?

The Mount operates under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) standards, which means that your student’s information is confidential unless they specifically release that information to you. If your student would like for this information to be shared with you, please have them contact the appropriate office (Health Services, Registar, Student Accounts, etc.) to fill out a FERPA release form.

How can I mail my student a package? What address should I use?

To send your student a package, you can address it to: 

Mount Saint Mary College
STUDENT NAME and Hall Name + Room Number (ie. Jane Doe - Sakac #408A)
330 Powell Ave. 
Newburgh, NY 12550

Your student will receive an email notifying them to pick up the package at the mailroom.

What should my student bring to campus?

Great question! You can view our list of what to (and not to!) bring here.

What should I do if my student is ill or if there is an emergency?

Please encourage your student to visit Health Services if they become sick during the day. If it is after hours or an emergency, please have them contact their RA or Security. Security will be happy to bring your child to St. Luke’s Hospital if necessary, which is only a few blocks from campus.

Where can my student get essentials they forgot to bring to campus?

We’ve got you covered. Our Campus Store sells many essential items, including shampoo and conditioner, over the counter medications, feminine products, and more. Additionally, the MSMC Shuttle (which students can ride for free) makes regular trips to the grocery store, Target, and more where students can stock up.

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