If you decide to commute to the Mount, you’ll be in good company - on average, 45% of our traditional undergraduates are commuters. Get the best of the college experience while still enjoying the comforts of home and your very own bed!

Getting the most out of your commuting experience

Student playing on inflatablesBeing a commuter doesn’t mean you have to just take classes and leave. Become part of the family by getting involved!

  • Take part in activities - No need to wait around until 8 pm to have fun. Our activities aren’t just at night; we try to plan afternoon activities as well with commuter students in mind!
  • Join a club or student organization - All clubs are open to residential and commuter students. We even have a dedicated Commuter Affairs Senator on our Student Government Association to ensure that the needs of commuter students are heard.
  • Get an on-campus job - If you qualify for work study, there are many positions on campus you can apply for, but all students can also apply for positions as tour guides, tutors, and more.
  • Feel at home - As a commuter student, you’re welcome to use all of our facilities. Hit up the gym, reserve a study room in the library, and crash in the Aquinas Atrium to make the Mount your home away from home.

“(Becoming) Commuter Affairs Senator was the defining moment of my experience at the Mount.  Becoming involved taught me how to grow as a person and led me to meet so many friends I will have for life, something that I never thought I would get to experience my freshman year. I spent the last two years with my friends on Student Government and with college administration to make sure commuters are included in on-campus events, and I am very confident that there is a place for everyone in the Mount's family.”

Mark Olsen '20
Mark Olsen '20

Parking and Weather

We understand that finding parking is something that is very important to commuter students. With so many commuters, we have special parking lots reserved just for you around campus! You can view a campus parking map here.

Students walking on campus

Do I have to pay for parking?

No! It is free to park on campus as long as you have a parking permit through the Security & Safety office. Please register for a parking permit online here. Instructions for requesting a parking permit can be found here.

Should I plan to get to campus early for classes?

Arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your class is always a good idea, as that will give you enough time to park and walk across campus no matter where your class is. Parking is definitely more limited closer to buildings and during high peak class times, so planning ahead is a good idea.

Do you offer a carpool program?

Yes! Those who carpool can park in specially designated areas on campus close to buildings. You can fill out a carpool application here.

What about hazardous weather?

We keep our commuter students in mind when deciding whether or not to cancel classes due to weather. You will receive an MSMC alert if the college plans to close due to snow or other hazardous conditions. We always encourage commuter students to use good judgment when deciding if it is safe to travel to campus. Many professors allow for a few absences from class each semester and are very understanding if you communicate with them about your needs.

Commuter Meal Plans

Don’t feel like bringing lunch to school every day? You can buy meals in increments of 20, 45, and 90 to use in The View dining hall on campus. View our campus meal plans here.

Places to Lounge

Need a place to crash in between classes? There are numerous spots on campus for our commuter students to take a break.

Commuter Lounge
This lounge is specifically for you! This lounge, conveniently located in Aquinas Hall, offers comfy couches, a microwave, vending machine, and a TV for your benefit.

Student Lounge
Located in Hudson Hall, this sweet retreat offers a space to hang out, watch TV, and catch up on some homework at computers.

Knight Spot
In the Knight Spot, located in the College Courts, you can access some high top tables, couches, and a quiet place to study.

“The college experience starts with being on campus. Hang out as much as you can. While you are here, attend some events, maybe join a club. Eventually, you will settle into a groove and make lifelong friends, even if it doesn't feel that way initially.” - Daniel McGrath ’23

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