Staying safe starts with making good decisions.

Remember that a college campus is part of the real world. The tips below will help guide you to the good decisions that will enable you to enjoy your college experience safely:

  • Keep emergency numbers and important contacts in your cell phone.
  • Create an “MSMC Security” contact in your cell phone with telephone number 845-569-3200.
  • Walk in well-lit areas at night, and if at all possible walk with a buddy.
  • Do not leave books, bags, or laptops unattended in public places.
  • Do not let strangers into your home or residence hall.
  • Keep bedroom and suite doors and windows locked…even if you go out for just a short time.
  • Always lock your car and remove valuables.
  • Never prop open the exterior doors to residence halls.
  • Don’t tamper with any building security devices. They are there for your safety.
  • If you travel off campus, remember to never leave a friend alone. Go out as a group, and come home as a group.
  • Report any suspicious person, activity, or obscene or harassing phone calls/texts to Campus Security & Safety.

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