- by Mount Saint Mary College
Sr. Nancy Murray OP on stage in Whittaker Hall

When Sr. Nancy Murray, OP took to the stage in Whittaker Hall earlier this year, it was an encore a decade in the making.

Ten years ago, Sr. Murray performed her one-woman show, The Life of Catherine of Siena: A Woman for Our Times, at the Mount. Students, employees, and the public attended, as did members of the Dominican Sisters of Hope, the order that founded the college.

With some familiar and some new faces, the Mount audience was once again moved by Sr. Murray’s portrayal of St. Catherine of Siena’s colorful, passionate, and enthusiastic work in spreading her love of Jesus Christ. 

Acting runs in her family: Sr. Murray, a member of the Adrian Dominican Sisters, is actor Bill Murray’s sister. 

Born Caterina Benincasa, St. Catherine was the 24th child in her family in Siena, Italy, in 1347. She later became a lay member of the Dominican Order. St. Catherine was born on March 25, making 2022 her 675th birthday, Sr. Murray noted. 

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