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Mount stellar senior Sajani Ramphal poses outside Whittaker Hall

Sajani Ramphal, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) graduate with a concentration in Healthcare Administration, constantly seeks new ways to challenge herself.

She says the experience she gained at the Mount has already strengthened her performance in her career as a physical therapist, a position she has held for 15 years.

“I worked through COVID and struggled with the imbalance of our healthcare system. I have a true passion for healthcare and wanted to be a part of the strategic solution,” she explained. “This led me to enter the MBA program, so I could not only carry on with my clinical experience, but also gain a better understanding of the leadership role.”

She added, “I hope and wish to make a difference in our healthcare system one day. I want to be an advocate for my patients and our everyday healthcare providers.”

Ramphal spearheaded a large project as part of her MBA practicum experience. As the Safety Director for the Monroe Woodbury Football and Cheer League, she aimed to provide concussion and CPR/AED protocols for local football teams. Working with the Orange County Youth Football League (OCYFL), she will be creating a proposal for an OCYFL Universal Safety Protocol this summer.

“This is what the MBA program is about,” Ramphal stated. “Challenging yourself beyond what was imaginable. Allowing you to take charge, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and strategize to make changes to develop new goals.”

Her time at the Mount was well spent, Ramphal noted. “The lessons I learned from my professors and peers have been invaluable,” she said. “Teamwork, creativity, and professionalism are skill sets that I will carry on throughout my career.”

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