- by Mount Saint Mary College

Mount Saint Mary College has created new ways for the local community, particularly those in the City of Newburgh, to connect with the college. 

City of Newburgh officials and leadership from the college recently met to further strategize on how to increase outreach efforts to the community, while at the same time address ongoing concerns of those living in close proximity to the campus. The collaborative approach to improving communication comes on the heels of on-going community meetings the City has held for those living in the area surrounding the campus.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a major concern, communication is more important now than it has ever been. With this in mind, the college’s recently redesigned website now features a “Community” tab that offers information on virtual events open to the public, online resources for parents and teachers taking on remote learning, and other ways to connect with the college. Once the pandemic is over, the page will also be updated frequently with on-campus events open to the public such as lectures and concerts. 

One of the newest additions is a community feedback form, which allows members of the community to provide feedback to the college on improvements and ways to collaborate.

The new Community section of the Mount’s website can be found at

To access the feedback form directly, please visit

Currently, the college is only hosting small groups for on-site admissions visits and limiting campus visitors in general to maintain social distancing procedures. Despite these limitations, however, Mount students, faculty, and staff remain an active part of the community: in area schools, assisting with remote and in person learning as student teachers; in local hospitals, gaining valuable hands-on clinical experience; and even hosting guest speakers and other events virtually.

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