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“Dissolving Boundaries,” the current exhibition at Mount Saint Mary College’s CMA Gallery, will host a closing reception on Saturday, August 27 from 5 to 7 p.m.  

The event is part of the NBNY Art Seen initiative by the gallery and art space community in the City of Newburgh. 

The gallery, free and open to the public, is located on the first floor of Aquinas Hall on campus, 330 Powell Ave., Newburgh, N.Y. 

This dynamic exhibition, featuring printmaking, paper folding, video, drawing, mixed media, and more, showcases the work of local artists Vernon M. Byron and Dharman Abdullah. Byron and Abdullah create work that activates a variety of perceptual pathways, evoking the interconnectivity of space, time, and place. 

The aim of “Dissolving Boundaries” is to deepen the connections between the Mount and the City of Newburgh through the presentation of media that is sourced, developed, and informed by the experience of living and working in Newburgh.  

The CMA gallery was created in 2019 as a professional artist space to exhibit media picked by Mount faculty from among the rising population of artists who live and work in Newburgh, Beacon, and throughout the Hudson Valley. 

The Mount’s CADM programs encompass the study of advertising and public relations, digital media production, graphic design, and journalism. CADM also offers minors in each of these disciplines, as well as in art and film studies. Housed in the Mount's Division of Arts and Letters, CADM programs prepare students for both traditional and emerging professions.

CADM recently added a major in Visual Communication-Graphic Design. Students in this program study visual communication with an emphasis on conceptual problem-solving and technical proficiency. 

Also joining the CADM program lineup is the new concentration in Sports Journalism. For those who have a passion for writing and a love of sports, becoming a sports writer might just be their dream career. With a Sports Journalism concentration, students will also learn the role journalists play in our society and how that role specifically applies to the sports industry.


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