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Mount Saint Mary College

Brian Maher, supervisor for the Town of Montgomery and an assemblyman-elect, discussed how law intersects with social issues on Tuesday, November 15 at Mount Saint Mary College.

Maher was a guest speaker in a Law & Society class taught by Michael Fox, assistant professor of Business Law and Pre-Law Advisor at the Mount.

The course examines how law, social issues, and social change interconnect, and examines topics such as law and equality/inequality, the court system, and law as social control. Students also study several social science theories and schools of thought for the understanding of law, order, and their impact on society – and vice versa.

“I have known Supervisor Maher for years, and I thought that as a former Village Mayor, former legislative aide to a State Senator, current Town Supervisor, and current assemblyman-elect, he would be the perfect person to speak with the students about his experience in the legislative and executive branches, the influences that lead to the creation of law, the influence of law on social behavior, and the political system from which so much law emanates,” said Fox.

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