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Mount Saint Mary College Professor Michael L. Fox teaching.

Mount Saint Mary College recently added six new tracks to its 5-year undergraduate to Master of Business Administration (MBA) program.

Students earning their 4-year undergraduate degree in Biology, Chemistry, English, Healthcare Management, Mathematics, or Sports Management can now earn their MBA in just one more year.

The Mount ensures that students are prepared for the future while also helping them to build their passion into a career. Whether a student plans to be a CEO, aspires to work in the world of medicine, or hopes to run their own science lab, the fundamentals of Business are woven into a variety of career paths.

Michael L. Fox, assistant professor of Business Law and Business graduate program coordinator, said that students on these 5-year tracks expand their liberal arts education while also earning their master's degree in Business.

"There is value to having a liberal arts education in the business world – with leadership of people today being just as much about EQ [Emotional Quotient] as it is about IQ and technical business know-how," he explained.

With the combination of their undergraduate degree and MBA, graduates will be able to pursue managerial, entrepreneurial, and executive positions in their chosen fields.

"The MBA prepares students to think in both quantitative and qualitative ways about business development, leadership, and entrepreneurship," noted Fox. "Having an MBA should make an individual that much more competitive in the crowded job market."

These six new majors join the Mount's Accounting and Business bachelor's to MBA 5-year program.


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