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Mount Saint Mary College is proud to announce that its School of Business now offers two new programs: a 5-year BS in business management/master of business administration (MBA) and an MBA with a concentration in health care management.

In addition, the college’s mathematics and information technology division is now offering a BA in mathematics with an actuarial science concentration, which provides a foundation in mathematics and business.


5-year BS in business management/MBA

BS in business management/MBA students who complete the 5-year course sequence will benefit from a rigorous, integrated program of graduate studies, incorporating liberal arts strengths with contemporary business management studies. The Mount’s 5-year BS in business management/MBA program is designed to prepare students for careers in diverse organizational settings. Candidates will learn skills that allow them to evaluate, solve, and communicate business problems with ethical reasoning.

“We focus upon the global nature of contemporary business,” noted Moira Tolan, business professor and School of Business graduate program coordinator. “Students are prepared for employment in an environment that is continuously changing.”

Mount MBA students are trained in the finest business practices. Practical and experiential models of training are utilized, including internships, cooperative opportunities, simulations, case studies, service-learning, and community-based projects.

The Mount’s undergraduate business program provides students with the pre-professional knowledge needed for key business disciplines. Both the undergraduate and graduate business programs provide a capstone experience that is largely experiential, involving work with organizational clients and requiring integration of the major business functional areas, including finance, law, marketing, management, and accounting.

The 5-year MBA joins many other 5-year bachelor’s to master’s degree options at the Mount, such as the 5-year accounting BS/MBA and BA/MSEd degrees in the adolescence education program, including English, math, history, biology, and chemistry.


MBA with concentration in health care management

Earning an MBA with the Mount’s new concentration in health care management will to prepare business professionals for a wide variety of careers in the health care industry. The program incorporates technology, global vision, ethics, and contemporary business practices into coursework that is designed to prepare students for success in the dynamic health care sector. A curriculum that is rooted in the liberal arts allows students to develop the critical thinking and communications skills that are desired by health care employers.

Students who join the program can look forward to top executives from the health care industry teaching specialized courses and continually offering presentations focused on current issues in the field.

An accelerated schedule is available for students who wish to earn their MBA more quickly. In addition, the college offers a 25 percent reduction on graduate tuition for students who earned a bachelor’s degree from the Mount (with the exception of five-year bachelor's/master's degree students on scholarship).

Accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), the School of Business at the Mount prepares students for careers in a global, ever-changing economy. Mount MBA candidates are seasoned senior managers or motivated young professionals who want to advance in or change careers, or start their own businesses. An MBA from the Mount can open up career options in government, business, nonprofit organizations, or management.

For additional information on the Mount’s MBA program, including admission requirements, application procedures, and course descriptions, call 845-569-3225, email, or visit


Mathematics with an actuarial science concentration

“Actuarial science is an exciting intersection of mathematics and finance,” explained Christina Alvey, assistant professor of mathematics at the Mount. “Experts in this field are highly sought after for a variety of positions in business, finance, government, and insurance.”

Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, particularly those that are insurable. To become an actuary, a candidate must pass a series of exams in areas such as probability, financial mathematics, and actuarial modeling. These exams reflect the importance of both mathematics and business to this career.

The concentration includes courses in economics, business, finance, and mathematics, giving students a strong foundation to solve problems involving risk assessment, and risk mitigation, and management.

Career options for actuaries include insurance companies, consulting firms, or government agencies in many different areas.

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