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Mount Saint Mary College’s Career Center welcomed job recruiters from the Information Technology field to campus on Wednesday, October 19.

Through the Career Center, the recruiting companies came to campus to talk with students about career and internship opportunities within the Information Technology subfields of Cybersecurity, Networking, Programming, Health Informatics, Education Technology and Human-Computer Interaction. The event introduced students to a variety of companies that hire for jobs or internships related to their major area of study, and gave them the opportunity to learn more about job titles, job requirements, the application process, and how to network.

“This is the first ever IT Job Fair at the Mount. It’s an event dedicated to this major, and 40 percent of our IT majors attended,” explained Robin Rosenberg, a Mount Career Counselor.

Cyber and IT students received an abundance of information on federal government employment, private sector jobs, telecommunications, and utilities. In addition, the recruiters were accepting résumés on-site.

“Networking is valuable since you don’t know who you can meet or what you can learn that is helpful to your career path,” said Rosenberg. “A huge percentage participated, for which I would like to thank the faculty who urged them to.”

The Career Center is often credited by Mount graduates for providing powerful, proven, and practical tools to help shape their post-graduate portfolio. More than just a student program, the Career Center provides students and alumni with lifelong tools for success and advancement.

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