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Devin Kelley of Hebron, Conn. will soon be the first student to ever earn a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity from Mount Saint Mary College.

Devin Kelley of Hebron, Conn. has certainly made his mark on Mount Saint Mary College: Come May 21, he’ll be the first student to graduate from the college with a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity.

Kelley was enjoying what he was learning as a Criminology major, saying it made him both a better writer and a more inquisitive student. But when the Mount began offering Cybersecurity as a major in the fall of 2020, the opportunity was too good for Kelley to pass up. 

Just days into the semester, he made the leap. 

“Over the course of a weekend, I arranged with my advisors to put me in a whole new Cybersecurity class set that Monday,” he explained. 

Two years later, it looks like Kelley made the right call. Cybersecurity has become a passion for him: “It’s an awesome field and it’s only going to get bigger,” he said. 

The Mount’s Cybersecurity program provides hands-on skills to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities in software, operating systems, networks, and more. A major or concentration in Cybersecurity at the Mount can lead to careers in technology, security software, defense, government, business, and beyond. 

Although his major had changed, Kelley knew the Mount was where he wanted to be, thanks to small class sizes, the family-like atmosphere, and of course, the gorgeous views of the Hudson River. Although he’ll miss being a Mount student, he’s thankful for the professors who helped him along the way, such as Sagar Raina, assistant professor of Information Technology, and Denise McCarroll, instructor of Information Technology.

“The things they taught me will stick with from me a long time,” Kelley explained. He added that McCarroll “gave me a lot of good career advice on Zoom and in-person.” 

Kelley will also miss being a student-athlete: From day one, he knew he wanted to play on the Mount’s lacrosse team, which he has done for all four years at the college. The time management skills he gained while juggling scholastics and sports have proven to be invaluable, he said. 

“Especially in-season, you don’t have as much time to yourself,” noted Kelley. “Your schedule is very rigid. That’s what helped me to not be distracted, knowing I had to get my work done or I’d be up until 3 o’clock in the morning. It definitely made me a better student.”

Kelley has some advice for students who are considering a major or concentration in Cybersecurity: If you’re looking for an easy major, look elsewhere. But if you want something that’s fulfilling and in demand, Cybersecurity is a great fit.  

“Sometimes it might seem like in order to learn one thing, you’ve got to learn 100 other things first,” he said. “But stick with it. If there’s something you don’t know, look it up or ask your professors – they’re really, really good. Their office doors are always open and they’re always willing to help you.”


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