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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Don’t believe the rumors: Math can be both analytical and creative. After all, it’s all about solving problems, and problem solving requires thinking outside the box! If you’re an analytical thinker who likes to come up with solutions using data, then you’ll love being a Math major.

Why be a Math major? 

Here's what makes the Mount's Mathematics major unique:

  • Focus on communication: Whether you plan on becoming a teacher or using your math skills within a business setting, we focus not just on teaching you math skills, but also on how to communicate analytical data to others who don’t “get it” like you do.
  • Choose your path: Many of our students love math so much, they want to teach it to others at either the childhood or adolescence level. That’s why our 5-Year Math BA / MSEd degree is such a great choice! Others choose to take their math specialties further with a concentration in Actuarial Science. Your path is up to you! Tell us where you want to go and we’ll help you get there.
  • Math in real life: From putting together math trails for local elementary schools to participating in paid summer research with a faculty member, you’ll get to see what a career in math really looks like.
  • Family atmosphere: Just walk into the Math office and you’ll see how tight-knit this group is! It’s rare to find a time when there aren’t students in the office, working on homework together or meeting with professors (who not only know each of our student’s names, but also their goals and strengths). So wave to our Administrative Assistant, Robbie, and pull up a chair! We’re happy to have you.
5-Year Math + MBA
Did you know our Mathematics program is offered in our 5-year undergraduate to MBA program? Meaning you can earn your bachelor’s degree and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in just 5 years! Learn more about how an MBA could broaden your career opportunities here.

“The MSMC math department is like one big family. Whether it’s learning in the classroom or grinding out homework in the Math office, all of the Math faculty is there to support you. The course work is difficult, but the support you receive from the faculty is second to none.”  

Charles Benfer ’20
Charles Benfer ’20

What to expect as a Math major

39 credits (27 in math and 12 in math or programming courses)

Learn about Mathematics major and minor academic requirements and courses here.

Let’s put it this way: You won’t just be learning at a desk as a Math major. Yes, there’s your typical classroom learning, but at the Mount, Math class happens everywhere. One day, you might be measuring the area of a piece of modern art at the local museum, DIA Beacon. Another time, you’ll be volunteering at the on-campus elementary school, teaching kids about math while planting a garden. And you’ll be breaking stereotypes about the subject by hosting game nights and Family Math Nights with the Math honor society for the college and the local community.

Your courses will focus on teaching you the fundamentals of advanced math (calculus, algebra, statistics) while also showing you its practical applications in everyday life. Plus, you can even work with our Career Center to find a Math internship at an organization like New York Life Insurance, the Hudson Valley Renegades, ConnectiCare, and more.

If you are pursuing certification in either Childhood or Adolescence Education along with your Math degree, you will also need to complete the courses required for certification, including math courses designed for future teachers.

Professors and students measuring sculptures

Be prepared for your future

The great thing about being a Math major is you can use the subject pretty much anywhere! Every organization needs mathematicians who are ready to solve problems, so pick your passion and see how you can make a difference with your math skills.

Many of our alumni go into teaching roles, but others choose to pursue graduate school, research, or other analytically-driven positions in their organizations.

Here's how some of our Math alumni are using their degrees:

  • Mark Congionti ’09, Lead Solutions Director at Proven Data
  • Shannon Ditta ’11, 4th grade Math teacher for NY Department of Education
  • Marc Johnson ’11, MBA ’12, Data Scientist at The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Justin Christensen ’14, Data Governance Analyst with
  • Taylor Walton ’15, Senior Actuarial Analyst for ConnectiCare
  • Kristen Berish ’16, Senior Account Manager at Ipsos
  • Christina Antico ’17, 6th and 8th grade math teacher for the NY Department of Education

Christina Alvey

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of the Division of Math & IT
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Aquinas 50C
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By appointment

Jennifer Bready

Interim Dean of the School of Arts, Sciences, and Education and Professor of Mathematics
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Aquinas 50 G
Office Hours
By appointment

Mike Daven

Professor of Mathematics and Hudson Link Prison Initiative Academic Coordinator
Email Address
Aquinas 50H
Office Hours
Wednesday and Thursday
11:15 am - 12:45 pm

Lee Fothergill

Professor of Mathematics and Knights Program Academic Coordinator
Email Address
Aquinas 50F
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Kathleen Venable

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Aquinas 50E
Office Hours
12:30 - 2:30 PM
3:45 - 5:00 PM

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