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SASE - Division of Natural Sciences
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Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Mount Saint Mary College
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine

Help people get a move on with their lives! By studying osteopathic medicine, you have the opportunity to make a difference when people are feeling at their worst - when they are in pain. Osteopathic physicians (DOs), like their allopathic counterparts (MDs), practice in all areas of medicine, but receive additional specialized training during medical school in treating the musculoskeletal system (bones, muscles, and nerves) using a holistic approach.

Why study Osteopathic medicine / Biology?

Students and professors dancingHere's what makes the Mount and Touro College's 3+4 pathway program unique:

  • Save time and money: Thanks to our partnership with Touro College, Mount Biology students have the opportunity to obtain both a bachelor's and doctoral degree in just seven years. Courses taken in the fourth year count towards both degrees, allowing you to get out into the field and start your future sooner.
  • Hands-on approach: With our programs in Exercise Science and Physical Therapy Prep, many of our Natural Sciences faculty already share a unique interest in the importance of the body's movement on overall health. Their expertise can help you prepare for your future through specialized classes, independent studies, and even paid one-on-one summer research experiences.
  • Start small: We think that learning in a small class setting makes all the difference. Start your degree in our small, nurturing classroom setting at the Mount, then be prepared to change the world on a big scale!

What to expect as an osteopathic medicine / Biology student

Learn about the Osteopathic Medicine 3+4 academic requirements and courses here.

For your first three years at the Mount, your course curriculum will look very similar to that of our other Biology majors. You’ll take your General Education and introductory courses in your major, followed by upper-level courses in the subject. In your junior year, you will also apply for admission to the doctoral program at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Following acceptance to the program, in your fourth year at the Mount, you’ll also begin taking classes at Touro. These classes will count as electives towards your undergraduate degree as well. At the end of your fourth year, you’ll graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Mount and begin taking courses exclusively at Touro College towards a doctorate.

In order to be eligible for this program, you must maintain a 3.0+ overall GPA and a 3.0+ GPA in the sciences. Candidates must also submit Medical College Aptitude Test (MCAT) scores no older than three years from time of application. Science and overall GPA, as well as MCAT scores are requirements for admission, but these are just two factors used in the admissions evaluation process.

As with our traditional Biology majors, you’ll benefit from opportunities for applied research with professors, small class sizes that foster real world training, and giving back to the community both inside and outside the classroom.

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Be prepared for your future

With a bachelor's degree in Biology and a doctoral degree in Osteopathic Medicine, you'll be prepared to treat patients from a holistic perspective as an osteopathic doctor in hospitals and private practice as well as engage in research or teaching.

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