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Pre-Health Professions

So you want to change the world by helping those in need, particularly through improving health and wellness. We know that the Mount is just your first stepping stone on a path of continued education and success in graduate and pre professional school, but we are excited to be a part of this journey with you, as we are passionate about preparing students for their future careers.

Students in the Mount’s pre-health programs work closely with a mentor on campus to use their studies to prepare for professional school in Chiropractic, Dentistry, Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Podiatry, and Veterinary Medicine.

Why be part of the Pre-Professional program?

Here's what makes the Mount's pre-health profession programs unique:

Students in Hudson River

  • Science foundation: No pre-health profession school requires a specific major for admittance, but they do appreciate a strong foundation in the sciences as an important factor for preparation. From classwork to mentorship to advising, the Division of Division of Natural Sciences is ready to give you the foundation you need to succeed in professional school.
  • Flexibility: What if you decide in two years that you actually want to become a vet, not a dentist, or a podiatrist versus a physical therapist? Since you will take the same courses no matter which pre-health profession track you choose, you have some time to take introductory courses and decide which path is best for you before committing.
  • Mentorship: Getting from where you are now to graduating with your medical degree may seem like a long journey, but that’s what we’re here for: to help you along the way and keep your eyes on the goal. Your pre-health profession advisor and advisory committee will meet with you every semester to make sure you’re on track and help you accomplish your goals, one step at a time.

Pre-Health Professions Tracks:

Students majoring in specific science programs have the option of participating in either the 3+3 or 4+3 Doctor of Chiropractic program at Northeast College of Health Sciences. 

The 3+3 option saves students the cost of one year of tuition by allowing them to earn their undergraduate degree at the Mount, and — when the required GPA has been maintained — be automatically accepted into Northeast College. This option is open to students majoring in the Biology major: general biology, exercise science, interdisciplinary studies biology and exercise science concentrations. 

The 4+3 option allows students to earn their bachelor's degree from the Mount and their Northeast College doctor of chiropractic degree a full year more quickly than it would take to earn each of those degrees individually. This option is open to students majoring in interdisciplinary biology and exercise sciences, general biology, biochemistry and molecular biology concentration, ecology and evolutionary biology, and exercise sciences. 

As a dentist, you’ll be focused on the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease, disorders, or conditions of the oral cavity and related facial areas.

In order to be accepted and continue in the pre-dentistry program, students will need to maintain a 3.4+ GPA in all science courses, be an active part of campus life that demonstrates leadership and volunteerism, and meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track.

Learn about our 4+4 program with Lake Erie College of Medicine here.

If you want to be a doctor, this is the path for you. In the pre-medical program, you’ll be preparing for a career as a doctor in a variety of specialties, including family practice, internal medicine, general surgery, urology, pediatrics, or obstetrics/gynecology. 

In order to be accepted and continue in the pre-med program, students will need to maintain a 3.4+ GPA in all science courses, be an active part of campus life that demonstrates leadership and volunteerism, and meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track.

Our early acceptance and pathway programs will allow you to earn a bachelor's degree and doctoral degree in less time than it would normally take you.

Take your pick between Lake Erie College of Medicine and Touro College. Learn more here.

These early acceptance and pathway programs allow students passionate about their future as a Pharmacist to earn their bachelor's degree form the Mount and their Pharm.D. from either Touro College or Lake Erie College of Medicine. Learn more here.

Physician’s Assistants perform many of the same tasks as medical doctors, but focus more on traditional patient care versus surgical or administrative work.

Students in the pre-Physician’s Assistant program will need to maintain a 3.2+ GPA by the end of the first academic year. By the end of the second academic year, students must then earn a minimum GPA of 3.4 overall and in science and mathematics courses related to the major. Additionally, students must be an active part of campus life that demonstrates leadership and volunteerism, and meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track.

Physical therapists are specialized in examining and treating individuals with impairment of their daily lives as a result of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems.

At the Mount, students can choose to major in either Biology or Psychology as preparation for physical therapy school. Throughout their time at the Mount, pre-Physical Therapy students must complete a certain number of hours of physical therapy observation each semester and maintain a 3.2 GPA.

The Mount has an early acceptance program agreement with New York Medical College, allowing students to be accepted early into the Physical Therapy program at NYMC.

Learn more about NYMC here.

Each year, at least two qualified aspiring physical therapists studying Biology, Exercise Science, or Psychology will be granted the unique opportunity to advance directly into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Dominican University New York. This unique program merges academic rigor with real-world clinical expertise, and is offered in a weekend format for the working student. 

Learn more here.

Podiatrists are doctors that specialize in treatment of infections and skin conditions of the foot.

The Mount has an articulation program with New York College of Podiatric Medicine allowing students to receive a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree in seven years versus eight. Students accepted into this program will conclude their studies at the Mount in three years, and begin their professional studies during the fourth year. 30 credits at the professional level will count towards the completion of the student’s bachelor’s degree in Biology, and the undergraduate degree from the Mount will be awarded at that time. Learn more here.

In order to be accepted and continue in the pre-podiatry program, students will need to maintain a 3.4+ GPA in all science courses, be an active part of campus life that demonstrates leadership and volunteerism, and meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track.

Veterinarians are doctors for animals. Similar to medical doctors, veterinarians are trained to diagnose and treat injuries, diseases, or conditions in animals. Within the field, there are a variety of specialities, including type of animal or type of condition/surgery one specializes in.

In order to be accepted and continue in the pre-veterinary program, students will need to maintain a 3.4+ GPA in all science courses, be an active part of campus life that demonstrates leadership and volunteerism, and meet regularly with their advisor to stay on track.

“The faculty in the Natural Science division are very supportive and friendly. Being in these rigorous courses are challenging yet they are always interesting! I’ve grown as an individual and have become more confident in my ability to use and apply what I have learned to everyday life. Attending the Mount is a decision one won’t regret!”

Nasayah Israel ’21
Nasayah Israel ’21

What to expect as a Pre-Health Profession program student

Students who are interested in entering a pre-health profession program at the Mount are admitted as Biology majors (or Psychology option for Physical Therapy) and considered for the pre-health profession program in sophomore year. You’ll take the same courses as our traditional Biology majors, but your coursework will be carefully structured to ensure you receive the proper training you need and allow time in senior year for completion of applications and entrance exams for graduate work.

Academic requirements including GPA, required courses, and application requirements vary for each program based on each professional school’s admission requirements. Please see the listing below to view specific academic requirements for each pre-professional program:

Chiropractic | Dentistry  |  Medicine  |  Physical Therapy  |  Physician Assistant  |  Podiatry  |  Veterinary

While the specific requirements vary for each program, you can expect to be doing at least some of the following to prepare for your professional studies:

  • Maintaining a certain GPA
  • Participating actively in campus life, especially in positions of leadership or volunteerism
  • Keeping a portfolio of academic and extracurricular activities
  • Participating in research or independent studies
  • Taking an entrance exam for graduate school (ie. MCAT, GRE)
  • Engaging in observational hours
  • Applying to the professional school of your choice (with the help of your advisory committee, of course!)

We know this can seem overwhelming as you stand at the very beginning of this journey, but don’t worry: There will be an orientation to go over all of the requirements for your specific program during your first year, and your pre-professional advisor will be with you every step of the way to help keep you on track.

In addition to all of these conditions, you’ll also enjoy the same benefits as our traditional Biology majors: ample opportunities for research (great for professional school applications!), volunteer opportunities through examining eels with the Department of Environmental Conservation or Family Science Night, and the camaraderie of your Natural Sciences family.

Be prepared for your future

The Mount’s Pre-Health Profession programs prepare you to enter dental, medical, physical therapy, physician assistant, podiatry, or veterinary school. We can’t wait to see how you decide to change the world and heal and care for others!

Here’s how some of our Pre-Health Profession program alumni are using their degrees:

  • Joseph Henain ’14, Emory University Hospital - Vascular and Interventional Radiology 
  • Lara Guindi ’15, MD/Resident Doctor - Internal Medicine at Ascension Genesys Hospital
  • Joseph Ianello ’16, Veterinary Technician at Complete Care Veterinary Center
  • Colin O’Keefe ’16, Physical Therapist at Infinite Potential Physical Therapy and Wellness

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