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SASE - Division of Humanities
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Collaboration Program (3+2 format)
Bachelor of Arts in English from Mount Saint Mary College | Master of Science in Publishing from Pace University

The next time you walk through a bookstore running your hand along the titles, you not only have the authors to thank for making them a reality - you also have to thank the publishers!

Publishing is the process by which books, magazines, and more are produced. It involves editing, advertising, and printing, which means that a foundation in literature through an English degree is vital. Combined with Pace University's stellar Publishing program, you'll be ready to not only read and write the next great American novel, but also to publish it!

Why study English and Publishing?

Here's what makes the Mount's Publishing / English program unique:

Books on a table

  • Save time: Get a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years from two of the leading institutions in the Hudson Valley and get started on your publishing dreams sooner!
  • Mount foundation: Just like traditional English majors, you’ll benefit from small class sizes, passionate faculty, and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Write your own story: While you’re here, pick up a concentration in Writing or Creative Writing to better understand the writing process or even a minor in Art to hone your illustration skills.

"The Mount is the main reason I found what I wanted as a career. The professors were always encouraging and made sure I spoke up and voiced my opinions, and they really took their time to support individual creativity. They gave me confidence in my ideas and my opinions."

Courtney Fahy '14 Editorial Assistant at Little Bee Books
Courtney Fahy '14 Editorial Assistant at Little Bee Books

What to expect as an English and Publishing major

39 credits in English at the Mount | 36 credits in Publishing at Pace | Maintain 2.0+ GPA

Learn about English and Publishing academic requirements and courses here.

Completing a bachelor's and master's degree in just five years takes hard work, dedication, and careful planning, but you can do it! Throughout the process, your advisor will work with you closely to make sure you are completing all of the requirements for graduation.

Years 1-3: You'll take courses exclusively at the Mount.
Year 4: You'll split your time between the Mount and Pace, taking your last undergraduate courses at the Mount while beginning your graduate studies at Pace. At the completion of this year, you'll graduate from the Mount with a bachelor's degree in English.
Year 5: You'll take courses exclusively at Pace University to complete a master's degree in Publishing.

Be prepared for your future

While internships aren't required for English majors, we certainly encourage our students to take advantage of the opportunities they provide! Mount English majors with an interest in publishing have interned at places like Hudson Valley Magazine right here in Newburgh to give them the hands-on experience needed to enter the professional world of editing and publishing.

After graduating with both degrees, you'll be set to enter the publishing field as an editor, publisher, and more. In addition, English students are particularly prime candidates for graduate school in English, law, and other fields. You'll also be ready to dive into the fields of library science, teaching, journalism, public relations, marketing, and advertising, if you choose.

Marie-Therese Sulit

Professor of English and Director of the Honors Program
Aquinas 120C
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Monday - Friday
12:30 - 1:30 pm
By appointment

Nancy Von Rosk

Professor of English
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Aquinas 12G
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11am - 1pm
1:15 - 2:15pm

Rob Wakeman

Associate Professor of English and Co-Coordinator of the Knight Summer Connections Program
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Aquinas 120E
Office Hours
By Appointment

Peter Witkowsky

Associate Professor of English and Chair of the Division of Humanities
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Aquinas 120B
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