We’ll be their knight in shining armor.

You’ve been simultaneously dreading and longing for this moment. Your student is beginning the college search process! You’re super proud, but you’re also wary, and we get it. You’ve been there for them since the days of diapers and dinosaurs, and now suddenly you’re expected to just trust an institution with your most precious gift? Plus, the college search process is already making your head spin, and you've only just started.

 Take a deep breath, and then read this page. We’ll walk you through the process, hopefully calm some of your fears, and introduce you to some people who can help.

Why trust us with your student?

Why should you send your student to the Mount? We know the decision is difficult, but here are some of the many reasons we think the Mount is the right choice for your whole family.

Student walking with family at Commencement

  • We involve families as much as we can. Yes, FERPA limits what we can and can’t share with the parents of our students, but through our Facebook group for current families, newsletter, and the Parent Engagement site, we work hard to make you feel like a member of the Mount community too.
  • We work hard to support our students. From free counseling and disability services to academic support like a personal academic coach and librarian, we’re here to ensure that your student has the tools to succeed. Outside of class, our Campus MinistryAthleticsStudent Activities, and other offices help to mold your students into confident adults and leaders.
  • We form community-minded, successful students. The numbers speak for themselves here: 94% of the Class of 2022 was employed six months after graduation. With our focus on serving others, we constantly see our graduates working successfully to change the world, thanks to the foundation you set for them and the values we uphold.
  • Your student becomes our family, too. We’re a small school with close faculty-student relationships. We know our students, and we care about them deeply. We become their second family, and this family sticks together. There is no Knight left behind.

“The Mount has given my daughter the opportunity to spread her wings, and not only fly but soar academically and socially.”

Dawn Moore ’92, mother of Emily Moore ’23
Dawn Moore ’92, mother of Emily Moore ’23

The Admissions Process (From a Parent's Perspective)

In sophomore or junior year, talk with your student about how involved you’ll be in the college search process. Would they like your assistance? If so, how much? Talking it out ahead of time will be helpful as the process progresses.

Sophomore or junior year is also a great time to start researching schools and visiting them. We suggest that both you and your student each select a few schools you’d like to visit, maybe 3-4 each.

Join your student on college fair visits at their high school (they may feel embarrassed to talk to admissions counselors, but we’re always happy to talk to parents too!).

Most students apply between August-December of their senior year. Be sure to check if any of the schools your student is interested in have specific application deadlines for certain programs.

You’ll also want to help your student fill out the FAFSA, which allows students to be eligible for financial aid. We know that the FAFSA can be a bit intimidating, so watch out for FAFSA sessions at our Open Houses to meet with our financial aid counselors who can walk you through the process.

Celebrate with your students as they receive each acceptance!

If your student has been accepted to the Mount, be sure to attend Accepted Student Day with them! We have sessions specifically for parents to answer all of your questions, including a reception with our president.

June 1 is the big day - Decision Day! In order to secure your student’s place at the school of their choice, you will most likely have to pay an admissions deposit on or before this date (at the Mount, it’s $250 for resident students and $150 for commuters).

Many schools (like the Mount) offer payment plans. Be sure to sign up if you’re interested and talk to the Financial Aid Office about any last minute finance questions.

If your student will be living on campus, be sure to check the school’s website for a list of what to bring (and what not to bring). You can find the Mount’s here.

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Resources for MSMC Families

When your student becomes part of the Mount family, so do you! You can find all of our resources for MSMC families here, but here’s an overview of some of the ways we work with you to keep you informed and help you get involved.

Parent Engagement at MSMC

We keep you informed of college news with a newsletter and Facebook group for current parents and guardians.

MSMC Association of Families

All parents and family members are automatically members of the MSMC Association of Families. 

For more information on these and other resources, including office contact lists and frequently asked questions, please visit our site for current MSMC families.

“The staff at the Mount is utterly amazing. I was welcomed by all, from security, dining hall staff, resident directors, finance office staff, parent leadership council, and all the way up to the president. They all treat you as if you have known them forever and go above and beyond to help. You will never regret giving your child the opportunities offered to every student at the Mount.”

Jennifer Larsen, mother of Claudia Larsen ’20
Jennifer Larsen, mother of Claudia Larsen ’20

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