Your first college room

The place where you’ll learn, grow, and become independent. And of course, the scene of many late night Netflix marathons.

If we had to guess, we’d wager that one of your favorite aspects of first-year living at the Mount will be having a full bathroom right in your room (no awkward trips to the hall bathroom here!). Because we recognize that when it comes to housing, it’s the little comforts that matter most: homey, spacious rooms, cozy study nooks, and calming views of the Hudson River.

Here’s where our first year students kick off their college experience!


How suite it is

Our first-year residence hall features a variety of room styles, including one, two, and three bedroom suites. 

  • One bedroom suite = One room for 2-3 occupants with a shared bathroom
  • Two bedroom suite = Two bedrooms for 4-6 occupants with a shared common room and bathroom
  • Three bedroom suite = Three bedrooms for 6-9 occupants with a shared common room and two bathrooms

Each bedroom features a bed, closet or armoire, dresser, desk, and desk chair for each student. If you are in a two or three-bedroom suite, the common areas also feature a couch, two comfy chairs, and an end table, as well as a common closet.

Take a tour with Admissions Counselors Brittany and Kayla!

Residence hall amenities

Sakac Hall also features the following shared amenities:

  • Laundry room
  • Gym
  • Movie theater
  • Computer lab
  • Reflection room
  • Study rooms
  • Full kitchen
  • Mailbox for each student
  • Security presence and swipe access at building entrance

First-Year Student Policies

To ensure our first-year students transition well to on-campus life, we do have a few policies in place.


There is a curfew for first-year students, but this doesn’t mean you have to be tucked into bed with the lights out! By 1 am Sunday-Thursday and 3 am Friday and Saturday, we ask all first-year students to be swiped into the building until 6 am the following morning. However, you are still free to use all of the building amenities, visit hallmates, and more during those hours (though we do suggest you get some rest too!).


Resident first-year students are allowed to have cars on campus. During normal operations, we also have a free shuttle service that will take you to the grocery store, mall, train station, and more! Besides, there’s so much to do on campus, you won’t find yourself needing a car very often.

What’s the deal with laundry?

Why are we so passionate about laundry here at the Mount? That’s because our first-year students enjoy laundry rooms right in their building. Not only are you charged for laundry as part of your housing fee (in other words, no need for quarters!), we also have an online system that will show you what washers and dryers are available and even text you when your laundry’s done!

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