If you need help, you’re not alone - 19% of Mount students utilize accommodations through Disability Services.

Whether you have a physical, psychiatric, or learning disability, our office will work with you to ensure you receive the accommodations you need to have a fantastic college experience. We have a welcoming and accepting office environment, a dedicated student annex, and friendly staff members who are ready to walk you through your journey, not just with accommodations, but throughout your college experience.

“In my two years at the Mount, the Office of Disability Services has been the place where I find most comfort on campus. No matter what disability you have, whether it is physical or learning they are willing to help you because they want you to succeed. The moment you walk into the Office of Disability Services you are welcomed by our secretary Jyoti, and once you see her smile you know you are at home. The ODS has become like a second family to me.” - Nicole Sacks ’22

Our Services

If you have any specific classroom needs, we’ll work with our faculty to ensure you have an environment suited to your learning style.

We work with students who require testing accommodations for extended time, alternate test space, exam reading/scribes, and more.

Students are sometimes hesitant to share their needs with faculty and other campus administration. We are more than happy to advocate for you and work collaboratively to give you the best college experience.

We work with students in need of assistive technology in the classroom and in their personal work. We frequently utilize Read&Write, an extension of Google Chrome, to assist students with their work.

If you have a disability that requires assistance in accessing campus facilities, we will work with our offices of Health Services and Security & Safety to ensure you can access everything you need on campus. If you have a temporary or permanent physical disability, Security & Safety officers are more than happy to drive you wherever you need to go on campus.

Our learning specialist allows students to grow their study and learning skills through meetings and training.

Persist, Achieve, Connect, and Thrive at the Mount is a small group run through the Office of Disability Services aimed at providing anxious students with skills and connections they need. Learn more about PACT here.

The Disability Services Office feels like a family. Maggie and everyone in that office wants you to achieve in whatever you decide to do. They give you the tools you need in order to be successful. As a transfer student coming into the Mount, I didn't know what to expect and everyone in that office gave me a home and made me feel a part of something. I can't thank them enough for that.

Jessica Wall ’23
Jessica Wall ’23

Disability Services FAQ

What does it cost to work with the Office of Disability Services?
Disability Services is free for all students in need of accommodations.

Am I automatically eligible for Disability Services if I had accommodations in high school?
No. In college, students must self-identify as needing our services. If you had accommodations in high school, please contact us prior to enrolling to request accommodations at the college level.

What types of disabilities do you help with?
All disabilities! Whether you have a psychiatric, physical, temporary, learning, or “invisible” disability, we will work with you to accommodate your needs both inside and outside the classroom.

How can I alert the Office of Disability Services about my needs?
As soon as you deposit to the Mount, fill out our accommodations request form here, and we will follow up with you.

“My freshman year I was new on campus and didn’t know who to turn to. I was struggling and having a hard time. You should never be afraid to reach out to the staff in the Office of Disability Services. Disability Services has helped me so much and everyone in the office is very friendly and wanting to help. If you ever have any problems or need someone to talk to or even just need advice on where to turn, the Office of Disability services is there. They welcome you with open arms.” - Kimberly Uszacki ’23

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of Disability Services? Check out this video interview with Susana Briscoe-Alba, Dean of Admissions, and our Disability Services team, including a current student.

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