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Ever wish you could create your own major? Well, now you can! The Mount’s Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows you to combine courses from the college’s more than 50 undergraduate academic programs to make one that’s uniquely yours. Be the spark in the way only you know how, and we’ll help you craft a bachelor's of arts or bachelor's of science degree to meet your goals.

Why be an Interdisciplinary Studies major?

Here’s what makes the Mount’s Interdisciplinary Studies major unique:

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  • One of the family: The ability to learn in small class sizes from professors who actually know you (and your goals!) is pretty appealing. You won’t get lost in a sea of anonymity by not declaring a specific major; in fact, you’ll just get to experience the benefits and family of multiple disciplines instead of just one!
  • Formed with you in mind: We know — the Mount just has too many good programs to choose from! If you already know your dream job, choosing a major in Interdisciplinary Studies can give you the exact preparation you need, so that it’s all about you.
  • Tried and true pairings: Daunted by the thought of creating a new major from scratch? We have several “tried and true” Interdisciplinary Studies concentration pairings you might like to explore. They are General Science, Integrated Marketing Communications, Social SciencesTechnology and Digital Media, and Humanities@Work.

“I enjoyed the Interdisciplinary Studies major because it gave me the ability to explore the multiple disciplines I am passionate about in one major. It allowed me to build a solid foundation for my future career as a Campus Minister.”

Megan Capurso '14
Megan Capurso '14

What to expect as an Interdisciplinary Studies major

2-3 concentrations | 33-48 credits in those concentrations

Learn more about academic requirements of the Interdisciplinary Studies major here.

We don’t expect you to just create this degree all on your own. You’ll have a dedicated advisor who is ready to help you figure out courses to fit your degree.

The first step is selecting what you’d like to concentrate in. You can pick up to three concentrations in which to specialize, which you can choose from among our 70+ majors, minors, and concentrations to create your own unique combination. Then your advisor will help you select courses to keep on track and help you pursue your interests.

Throughout, you’ll enjoy the same opportunities as students in our traditional majors: summer research, community service, and hands-on learning that sets a Mount education apart!

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Be prepared for your future

As an Interdisciplinary Studies major, your future can be as diverse as your choice in major! Where your career will lead you will depend on your choice of concentrations, but some of our Interdisciplinary Studies majors have gone on to work in the fields of education, science, technology, marketing, media, and more.

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