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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Why are we here? What are the limits of knowledge? What is the meaning of life? How should we relate to our social and natural environments?

Philosophy invites us to study the most fundamental aspects of life. With an emphasis on moral and ethical thought, studying Philosophy at the Mount creates a place to ponder, discuss, and expand your knowledge of the nature of reality, knowledge and truth, and the good life. Come ask (and hopefully answer!) some of life’s biggest questions with us.

Why be a Philosophy major?

Here's what makes the Mount's Philosophy major unique:

St. Thomas Aquinas

  • Philosophy conference: The Mount is passionate about much so, that we host a leading conference on Thomas Aquinas’ philosophy each year at the college. People come from around the world to attend the conference each summer.
  • Dominican heritage: As a Dominican school, we were founded upon principles that value the search for truth and deep thinking that are so important to philosophical study. Additionally, at the Mount you won't just focus on the history of the discipline, you'll also reflect on the relationship between philosophy and the need to resolve the most significant moral and social problems we continue to face.
  • Disputatio: The Mount is founded upon the Dominican value of “disputatio,” or respectful dialogue. In our Philosophy classes, students are encouraged to find “veritas,” or truth, in a free, open, and respectful environment. In other words: questions encouraged.

What to expect as a Philosophy major

33 credits in Philosophy | 2.0 GPA or higher

Learn about Philosophy major and minor academic requirements and courses here.

As a Philosophy major, you’ll first take courses that will introduce you to the skills of philosophical thought, as well as the theories of major Western and Eastern philosophers, while addressing the areas of metaphysics (reality) and epistemology (knowledge), ethics, and logic. Your upper level courses will allow you to take those skills and continue to investigate these topics in one of the following defined tracks: Philosophy and Science; Ethics and Society; or Generalist.

You may also choose to participate in an independent study with a professor on a topic of your choice. Your study of philosophy will culminate by completing a seminar course consisting of a specialized philosophical topic or area of study, and a capstone research project on a philosophical topic of your choice.

Man at podium
Associate Professor of Philosophy Charles Zola.

Be prepared for your future

As a Philosophy major, your future is open to a multitude of careers. The critical thinking, communication, problem-solving, and research skills you develop at the Mount are vital for any career, and the courses you take will give you a broader worldview and way of looking at the world. The Career Center is a valuable resource that can help you in finding internship and career opportunities. 

Additionally, Philosophy majors have an enhanced foundation for graduate school studies, no matter what field you're interested in. Particularly, the Philosophy major has been demonstrated to serve as an excellent option for students interested in continuing to law school. The Mount has a robust pre-law advisement track which offers you an additional advisor who will help you select courses to prepare you for law school, as well as assist you in the application process.

John Hofbauer

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Email Address
Whittaker 001
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Ed Teall

Professor of Philosophy
Email Address
Whittaker Hall 207
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Charles Zola

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Catholic and Dominican Institute, and Assistant to the President for Mission Integration
Email Address
Whittaker 005
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