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Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies

Let’s talk about faith. Where did the knowledge and study of God come from? What impact does it have on the world? What are the foundational beliefs of Catholicism? The Theology and Religious Studies major at the Mount offers students the opportunity to have open, real conversations about theology, culture, history, diverse issues within the field, and their place in the world.

Why be a Theology and Religious Studies Major?

Here's what makes the Mount's Theology and Religious Studies major unique:

Assistant Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, Dr. Sarah Maple, lecturing on 'Beauty' in the Notre-Dame-de-Pontaut Chapter House, at the Met Cloisters.
  • Dominican roots: Our Dominican heritage places an emphasis on veritas, or seeking truth. Our Theology & Religious Studies classes emphasize the importance of respectful dialogue and creative thought around the knowledge of God and topics of faith. (Plus, our Chapel of the Most Holy Rosary is a pretty great spot in which to be inspired!)
  • Open to all: Whether you personally ascribe to a particular faith or no faith at all, everyone is welcome to declare a Theology and Religious Studies major. The only requirements are that you keep an open mind and remain respectful!
  • Faith in action: Many religious traditions place great emphasis on the importance of helping others. As a Catholic, service-oriented college, the Mount offers so many ways to put what you learn into action, a real-life way of living out love of neighbor.

What to expect as a Religious Studies major

33 credits in Theology and Religious Studies | 2.0 GPA or higher

Learn about Theology and Religious Studies major and minor academic requirements and courses here.

As a Theology and Religious Studies major, you’ll take courses that allow you to have a broader understanding of religion and its impact on the world. Courses like Introduction to World Religions, Introduction to Theology, and Religious Movements in America provide foundational knowledge of religion, followed by courses that evaluate religion’s impact on everyday life, especially through courses like Theology of Film, Sports and Religion, and Fairy Tales & Sacraments. You’ll augment those studies with several electives in Scripture, Systematics, or Spirituality.

In your Senior year, you will complete your required coursework with a Senior Seminar course spanning two semesters. In the Fall semester, you'll review key texts within the life of the Church. These texts will be read as a unique culmination of your new degree expertise. The selected texts will also serve the purpose of key research materials for the Senior Thesis involved in the Spring semester. The thesis will incorporate and put into conversation at least two categories from the major and, upon completion, be presented before the faculty.

A unique feature of the Theology and Religious Studies major is that of experiential learning; opportunities outside of the classroom that include a required service experience and a broad range of other opportunities such as internships and retreats.

You may also choose to participate in an independent study with a professor on a topic of your choice to fulfill one of your required courses.

Associate Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, Robert Miller, answering the question, "Does God care about sports?"

Be prepared for your future

A major in Theology and Religious Studies can prepare one to pursue the subject at the graduate level. Additionally, the deductive, critical thinking, and language skills of this discipline are applicable to any career, and, when paired with another major, will help inform and complement the other discipline. The courses should also give students a broader appreciation of religion in general for personal study and reflection.

Sarah Elizabeth Maple

Assistant Professor of Theology & Religious Studies
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Robert Miller

Associate Professor of Theology & Religious Studies
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Whittaker 102
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