- by Mack the Knight
Students walking up the Dominican Center steps in the snow

With the new year off to a start and the spring semester right around the corner, now is the perfect time to set goals for yourself in both your academic and personal lives. From wanting to set aside the time to grow academically, to just wanting to get more involved around campus, there are various opportunities right on campus that can help you achieve your goals. Here are 5 achievable resolutions to help you spark success this semester:

1. Be more active on campus

Your time in college is more than just what you do in the classroom, it’s also the experiences you create on campus. No matter what you’re interested in, there’s a variety of activities to participate in on campus. The Office of Student Engagement is constantly hosting events for students, and with 30+ clubs to join, and a variety of intramural sports, there’s always something to do on-campus. Plus, various offices across campus host events throughout the semester ranging from academic lectures to community service initiatives.

2. Thrive in your coursework

At the end of the day, your academics come first. No matter where you stand in your classes, there are a variety of opportunities to help you succeed in your coursework. The Office of Student Success offers weekly, free peer tutoring in either a one-on-one or small group format for most academic subjects. The Writing Center also offers one-time appointments with a writing tutor and will support any Mount student at any stage of the writing process, helping you feel more confident in your writing and give you the skills you need to succeed. Register for a tutoring or Writing Center appointment to take the next step in your academics.

3.  Prepare for your career

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career. The Career Center works to prepare you for life after college through internships and career readiness events from freshman year through graduation and beyond. Throughout each semester, the Career Center also provides various opportunities for networking with events such as Graduate school and Career fairs. No matter what step you’re on when it comes to thinking about life after college, you can always get in touch with the Career Center! Connect through the Knight Network or make an appointment to speak with a career counselor.

4.  Try something new

There are so many things to do on and near campus. From trying new foods at the various dining spots to attending a new event, there are so many opportunities for you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Looking for some ideas to get you started? Check out our other blog posts about scenic places to visit near campus and embracing the knight life.

5.  Be the Spark

In the classroom, on campus, and out in the community, the Mount always encourages you to “Be the Spark” – to use your talents, knowledge, and drive to create change. Sparking change and sharing your time and talent to make a positive impact whenever you can all adds meaning and depth to the college experience. No matter what resolution you choose for this year, you’re sure to learn, lead, and make a difference.

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