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5-Year Bachelor's and Master's

Why add an MBA to your 4-year degree?

At the Mount, we encourage our students to follow their passion while also ensuring they're prepared for their future. This is why we have paired some of our most relevant bachelor's programs with our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program, giving you the option to complete both degrees in just five years.

Understanding the business industry could significantly enhance your undergraduate degree. Whether you plan to be a CEO one day, dream of writing page-turning novels, aspire to work in the world of medicine, or hope to run your own science lab, the fundamentals of business are woven into a variety of career paths.

Pairing your undergraduate degree with an MBA could open more doors to your future career (and also earn you a higher salary!). Learn more about our 5-year undergraduate to MBA programs below.

Bachelor’s to MBA tracks

If you want to become a certified public accountant (CPA), the Mount's 5-year Accounting BA/MBA program will fully prepare you to be successful in that role. Additionally, earning an MBA with your BS in Accounting will expand your career possibilities to include management, consulting, and various leadership positions.

A bachelor's in Biology is the start to many interesting and lucrative career paths. So, why get a business degree if you're interested in science? Because, in many situations, science is a business too! Earning your BS in Biology and MBA prepares you to lead both teams and projects in lab management positions, as well as work in biotechnology and pharmaceutical positions.

The Mount's 5-year Business BS/MBA program will prepare you to build your career as a leader. With the time to focus on analytics, economics, law, accounting, production processes, and management skills – you'll actually save time and money by earning both your BS in Business and MBA (MBA-HC optional) in five years.

The science field needs more business-savvy scientists! Want to lead a lab of scientists someday? Manage a team working on a ground-breaking research project? An MBA doesn't just teach you how to run your own business, it also prepares you for leadership roles in various career fields. Expand both your confidence as a leader and your earning potential by graduating with both your BS in Chemistry and MBA in just five years.

English is a versatile degree that opens the doors to a variety of careers – many of them in business. The Mount's English program will not only feed your love of literature, but it will prepare you to be a critical and creative thinker, skilled writer and communicator, thorough researcher, and master of rhetoric, all of which are highly sought skills in the business world. Our 5-year English BA/MBA program will prepare you for careers in marketing, communications, non-profits, sales, various leadership positions, and more.

Healthcare Management majors become business professionals who are trained and specialize in the specific business, financial, and operational needs of the healthcare industry. We offer both a BS in Healthcare Management and an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management. In the 5-year Healthcare Management BS/MBA program, you can either choose the general MBA track or the Healthcare Management concentration – saving you time and money and expanding your earning potential in both the business and healthcare industry.

Mathematics is an intricate major that hones in on a variety of complicated skills. Math is both an analytical and creative field that shapes students to be critical and logical thinkers, skilled problem solvers, and hard workers – all of which employers from various fields seek in their candidates, especially in business. Earning both your BA in Mathematics and MBA will prepare you for careers in analytics, finance, the stock market, management, and more.

Sports is a rapidly growing industry that needs passionate and skilled business leaders. Earning both your BS in Sports Management and MBA (MBA-HC optional) will set you apart in the sports industry, preparing you for a variety of management positions within sports and athletics.

What your 4+1 years will look like:

  • Years 1-3: Undergrad courses
  • Year 4: Finish undergrad courses, begin grad courses, and graduate with bachelor's degree
  • Year 5: Complete grad courses and graduate with master's degree

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