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From books to languages to music and theatre, the Division of Arts and Letters is all about exploration. You’ll expand your mind through our English courses, master communication through Journalism and Writing programs, and make your own contributions to society through Music, Theatre Arts, and Art. And you’ll be encouraged to take courses across the division, with several of our students even double majoring or minoring across subjects to get a holistic knowledge of communication.

What makes this division most unique, however, is our approach to students. We don’t just see you as learners; we see you as fellow colleagues in the creative process. So not only are we leading your classes, but we’re also creating with you, working together on video productions, collaborating on research, and even participating in the school play and choir performances.

So welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Division of Arts and Letters Programs

Learn more about our Communication, Art, and Digital Media program here.

Peter Witkowsky

Associate Professor of English and Chair of the Division of Arts & Letters
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Faye Denisar

Arts & Letters Administrative Assistant
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